Product Description:
There are fully automatic filling machine and semi automatic filling machine two types.

Fully automatic filling machine can automatically complete process from placing container, transmission, pre-heating container, filling, smoothing surface and cooling liquid wax until finished container candle. This machinery is usually connected with wick inserting machine, when the pre-tabbed wick glued on the aluminium cup, the aluminium cup will be transported to the turntable of the pushing section. The turntable will take a certain quantity of aluminium cups to the front of pushing plate and the cups are in a certain distance one by one. The pushing plate then will send the cup to the conveyor for filling.

Semi-automatic filling machine needs to place the container in front of pushing plate by manual, the following filling process will be done automatically.
The conveyor length and width, numbers of filters and nozzles, nozzle diameter, etc can be customized.

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