Product Information:
Style #: Floating Candles
Color: White, Red, Blue, Green, etc
Scent: Unscented
Wax: Paraffin wax
Wick: Cotton Wick
Pack: Box, Shrink pack
Made in China

Product Description:
Floating candles are a harmonious marriage between water and fire and give your living room or garden an attractive look and feel. Thanks to their special shape, floating candles inject calm into your living room and lend a unique touch to your interior. You can combine them with colorful flowers or a glass designer dish to create a unique eye-catcher, for example. The natural shape of floating candles assures not only a long burn-time, but also keeps the candles above the waterline until the very last moment. The terrific floating candles are available in various colors to give your interior a stylish extra element or provide your pond or water body with a festive, warm glow. Floating candles are ideal for bringing atmosphere and an original touch to festive days or garden parties.

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