Product Information:
Style #: Poured Pillar Candles
Color: Grey
Scent: Unscented
Diameter: 3inch
Height: 3inch/6inch/9inch
Weight: 290gram/580gram/835gram
Wax: Paraffin wax
Wick: Cotton Wick
Pack: Box, Shrink pack
Made in China

Product Description:
Our pillar candles are popular because of their long burn time. We can customize the pillar shapes and sizes. All our pillar candles are made of the best wax and provide one of the best scented candles available. Our candles burn cleanly and with no drip because of our high quality requirements. What’s more, our candles do not emit soot and are self-extinguishing. The candle will burn up neatly without leaving any remnants. Our candles are environmentally friendly. There are no harmful additives or chemicals added to any of the candles. All our wicks are lead free and all our candles are available in more than 100 scents. Each scent has its own unique color.

Always place pillar candles on a holder. Not only does this look nicer, but it is also much safer.

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