Product Information:
Style #: Poured Tea Light Candles
Color: Colored
Scent: Unscented
Diameter: 49.5mm
Burn Time: 10 hr
Wax: Paraffin wax
Wick: Cotton Wick
Candle Cup: Clear Cup
Pack: Box, Poly bag, Shrink pack
Made in China

Product Description:
These high quality tea lights are poured in clear plastic cups. Our tea lights look very chic in their clear cups. You can slowly watch the paraffin transform into a clear liquid. The light of the candle is reflected in the liquid, imparting a colorful glow that is quite different from the glow of a wax tea light in an aluminium cup. Also, the clear cup tea lights produce more light while the candle is burning. That is due to the fact that while the tin cup in traditional tea lights blocks some of the light once the flame is below the cup level, the clear plastic cup allows the light to flow through the cup and fill in the room.

Our candles are environmentally friendly. There are no harmful additives or chemicals added to any of the candles. All our wicks are lead free and all our candles are available in more than 100 scents. Each scent has its own unique color.

Never leave a burning candle unattended. Do not burn candles near any flammable materials.

Candle Burning Property:
The burn time: There is always a + before the burn time number because the burn time depends on the environment in which the candle is lit.

The flame: The candle can have strong and weak flames. A good flame must be sufficiently large. Otherwise there is something wrong with the wick.

The soot: Every candle emits soot but the soot emissions must be in line with the agreed standards. When your candles emit a fuel like odor, you can be sure that the manufacturer used the wrong materials.

The candle drips: If a candle drips, its burn time will be reduced. Moreover dripping candles can damage the surface on which they are placed.

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