Welcome to WUYUE company, the leading candle manufacturer and exporter from China.

Our main candle range includes:
tealight candles
birthday candles
pillar candles
container jar candles
household candles
taper candles
ball candles
votive candles
floating candles
LED candles

Our production range includes:
1.Compression for tealights, votives, pillars, ball candles and floating candles.
2.Molten wax pouring for filled tealights, pillars, votives, container jar candles and party candles.
3.Extrusion for tealight, household and taper candles.
4.Drawing for birthday candles.

Our Quality
our candles are made from high quality raw materials. We have strict quality controls and internal quality management. We do stringent check through the entire production process to ensure that all our products can satisfy customer’s need.

Our Goal
We aim to produce and export the highest quality candles at cost effective price. We keep on developing new products and expanding our market.

Our Misson
We hope to operate our company on a sustainable basis of profitable growth, creating new opportunities for development and career growth for our employees.